Our services for VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat


Coding Adaptations

We can code any part on any car and below is a list of the popular coding that we do:

-  Needle sweep  -  Alarm Beep on lock/unlock -  Disable Start/Stop  -  Auto lock/unlock doors with key in ignition   - Oil Temprature on ODB  - Comfort Blink Cycle- increase to 4 or 5 times  -   Video In Motion -   Miror link in motion   -   Seat belt warning off   - Urban Joke Rear lights   -  Pace Car Indicators   - Driving School mode   - Unlock all doors with one click - Open/Close windows and mirrors through key fob  -  Oil Temprature on ODB   -  XDS Adjustment - increase turn in and power delivery

As well as reset service lights, reset oil service lights and erase stored problems and codes and clear fault lights

Service Lights

We also code and reset service lights and hep clear fault codes:

- Service light reset
- Oil Light reset
- Warning lights diagnosed and reset*
- Fault lights cleared and reset

We are fully trained and qualified mechanics and have been working on cars for over 25 years, giving you peace of mind that we can diagnose and help you with fix your car.


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